Monday, 1 July 2013

Irregulars Out Now!!! Get It While It's Hot...or Before the Reviews Come In!

Ok, it's official, I'm the world's worst blogger.  I just see that I've posted nothing on here since May and really, for some weeks there was nothing to report and then, suddenly, now, loads to report.

Firstly, Irregulars, the second Sean O'Keefe novel, is now in good bookshops everywhere or can be purchased also here or, preferably, here at the New Island home site.

We launched it last week at the Gutter Bookshop in Temple Bar.  Booker listed author Ed O'Loughlin was kind enough to shove the book into the world with a speech that was too kind by half and a real honour for me.  I have to say I've been well served by the two writers who've launched my books, Ed this time and Cormac Millar, who launched Peeler in 2010.  A real honour, seriously.  And a word here about the Gutter Bookshop.  If you're ever in Dublin and need a book, go there.  Bob, the owner, took the bold step of opening the shop during the worst recession this country's ever seen and, through a genuine love of books and insider knowledge of the publishing world, has brought the shop from strength to strength.  I love all bookshops, really, and will shop in any one I find myself in, but wherever possible I try to shop in independent bookstores.  They are being eaten alive by those guys I've linked above...the online retailer, not Ed and Cormac...and we still need places that care about art (I'm making no claims for my books, just sayin'...) rather than just product.  And now I'll climb down off my soapbox and tell you that the party then moved next door to the Turk's Head pub for further refreshments and a fine time was had by all...or by me.  And here, let me thank everybody who came out to support the book at the launch.  I really appreciate it and owe you a drink or three.
Myself and Ed O'Loughlin at the launch of Irregulars